Whatsapp Dark Mode Enable For Android ...

 Whatsapp dark

Whatsapp added "Dark'' as one of the three option for themes in updated "chats" section. you can read our step step-by-step guide to enable the modehere. Note that Whatsapp's Dark mode is not enabled by default. You can manually enable it or select the 'system default' to have it automatically change theme depending on your setting  upon the battery life of your phone.

Whatsapp;s dark Mode isn't really 'dark' per say it's a combination of dark green and grey .The text appears in white ,Some elements such as the background for start chat icon is in the light green colour. you will notice the same colour tone when you tap on "chat", "status", and "calls"icons. The top bar is in darker grey colour which does't really gel with the overall theme titled towards green palette.

Here are the seps to enabled the Whatsapp dark mode.
    1.Open Whatsapp from the app drawer or home screen.

    2.Tap the (three vertical dots in right side corner) 

    3.Hit setting.
whatsapp dark mode enable..

     4.  Select Chats.                                                                                                                                        
      5. Select  Themes.                                                                                                                                     
       6.  In the choose theme dialog box, select dark.                                                                                            
      7.    you see interface switch to dark theme.                                                                                                                                                

Whatsapp dark mode enabled ..

Conclusion                                                     That's it! You should now have dark mode set up for the messaging service. Dark mode looks particularly good on WhatsApp because of the green accents that are present throughout the interface, and they bring a bit of visual flair to the app.