Top Best Mobiles Phoness Under 10,000-20,000 RS.

Hello friends, once again,i am here to tell you that you all know that  in nowsdays  t youth, people keep buying phones,but they cannot decide which phone to take and In how many rupees to be put on it, then today.

 I will tell you that the best phone in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 is easy to buy.

Here is the list of those phone

       1.Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

        2.Redmi note 9 pro max                                   

3. Realme X                                                                                     


4.Samsung A50s                                                                                 

5.Samsung M40                                                                                                 


So as you have seen that I have listed those phones above, now you can go and buy your phone according to your budget. Now many people will have the question that brother, we are selling the product of China, so how are you promoting it, then I should tell those people that brother is not your budget to buy Apple phone, then what will you do brother India So far Micromax and Lava have not developed so much that you will buy their phone but according to sources it is revealed that Micromax and Lava are launching a new model of the phone, then that too may infrom you soon.