GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version For Android

If you want to use your WhatsApp at an advanced level then GBWhatsApp (GBWA) is the best solution for you. It is a modded version of the official What’s App application. You can simply download & install it from our website to your smartphone. It includes all the features your normal app has with a lot of advanced features. πŸ˜€ That’s why people are loving it. Now the question is, from where to download GB WhatsApp APK? Your answer is on this page itself. Just scroll down a bit and you will get a download link for it. πŸ˜‰
GBWhatsApp 8.26 Apk is one of the best ever Mod of official WhatsApp which has lots of features that are not available in any other mod. This is why it is the first choice of all those who are searching for the best WhatsApp mod. I will provide you latest version to download GB WhatsApp (WhatsApp GB) Apk in this article. Whenever any new update is available, we will upload it here. This means you will always stay up to date on GBWhatsApp Latest Version 2020 Apk. In every new update, they are adding some exclusive features to their app and I am sure you all will fall in love with them (Even I am also a Victim :-p )
So, you all want to download GB WhatsApp 2020 APK, Am I right? Yes, I am 100% sure. GBWhatsApp is an alternate of official WhatsApp which you are using right now on your mobile. It is a very interesting and popular app for Android devices as compared to the official app. What makes it more famous is, It has lots of cool tweaks and mods which are not available in any other versions of WhatsApp.
Download GBWhatsApp (GBWa v8.26) Latest version for Android, but from where? This question appears in your mind when you try to search for it on Google Play Store and you are unable to find any such application there. But, let you know any kind of MOD Apps are not available on play store because they violate Google’s policies. That’s why you have to search for it on the Internet rather than on any App market. But, also on the internet, there are hundreds of websites will be appeared in search results. Now, how to identify which one is providing original content and which one is just trying to get traffic to their site.

Download GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

GBWhatsApp 8.26 Apk (What’s New?)

These are the features of the latest version. If you want to know all the features then you should scroll down a bit and you will get a huge list of features. But, if you are already using it for a long time then this section is enough for you. As we have only listed the modifications did in the newest APK. πŸ˜‰
  • Anti-Ban Version (If you got BAN before, Uninstall and Install this version)
  • Save Profile Picture Features Re-Added
  • Scan Barcode to Add Contact
  • Enable Archive Chat Option in 3 Dots
  • Send Stickers in Photos (Emojis/Stickers)
  • Contact Toast Online Issue Fixed
  • Stickers in Photos Enabled (Stickers/Emojis)
  • Archive Option Enabled in 3 Dots
  • Save Profile Picture
  • Crashed for Android 4.4 Devices Fixed
  • Status Not Downloading Issue Fixed
  • More Tweaks Added
  • Minor Bugs Fixed
So, these are the newest features and fixes came in the latest version. Now, you are ready to know all about this app. Well, if you are an old GBWA user then you already know about its old features. But, if you are using it for the first time, have a look at the below section.

GBWhatsApp Update Apk Latest Download (Features)

Many people have no idea about GBWA features. They are missing the most useful thing about this app. Maybe they have heard about some features and that’s why they are going to download & install GB WhatsApp on their smartphone. But, if you are one of those, please calm down and have a look at the list shared below. There is plenty of features available in this amazing mod. No other WhatsApp Mod can beat this. Well, Yousef’s Mod giving a hard competition to Omar. Still, this mod is very old and stable.
  • Stickers in Photos
  • Archive Option Enabled in 3 Dots
  • Scan Bar Code to Add Contact
  • Save Profile Picture of Anyone
  • Ability Added to Hide Impressions
  • Now You Can Hide Any Conversation
  • Send Group Messages to Other Groups
  • Auto Reply Feature – Reply to All Incoming Messages Automatic
  • Upload Videos up to 7 Minutes Instead of 30 Seconds
  • Possibility Increased to Send Scheduled Messages
  • You can Disable Auto Media Upload For Each Conversation
  • Restore any Sent Messages Which You Deleted
  • Auto Reply Feature Added
  • DND Mode
  • New Notify Icons Added
  • Emojis Added
  • New Themes Added
  • Group Description Enabled
  • New Launcher Icons
  • Custom Anti Revoke Feature Added
  • Schedule Multiple Contacts
  • Send Up To 100 Documents at Once
  • Share Live Location (Same as Facebook Messenger)
  • Image & Video Filters Added
  • Enable DND Mode (Helps to Disable Internet only for WhatsApp. ;-D )
  • Hide DND Mode Icon
  • Increase Video Limit in Status
  • Change Fab Size/Location/Position
  • Change Number Notification
  • Identify Admin Message in Group
  • Click Sticker
  • Hide Online Status (For Specific Contacts also)
  • Schedule Messages (WhatsApp Message Scheduler)
  • Delete Already Sent Message (Recall WhatsApp Messages)
  • You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device using it.
  • Hide Last Seen.
  • Hide Blue Tick.
  • Show WhatsApp status always online even if you are offline.
  • Hide your Last seen.
  • Media preview without downloading.
  • Hide Messages Seen tick after reading a message.
  • Customize Ticks/Bubbles Style according to your needs.
  • Select Theme according to your wish.
  • Send Blank Messages to your contacts.
  • Change Notification Bar colour.
  • Send Big Media files.
  • Copy two or more WhatsApp messages without copying date & time.
  • Lock your WhatsApp without any third-party app.
  • Customize according to your needs.
  • Customize Status and Navigation bar as per your wish.
  • Disable Stories feature.
  • Select and send 90 images at once instead of 10 images.
  • Share Docs files.
  • Send Gif Images to WhatsApp.
  • Add up to 600 members in WhatsApp Groups instead of 256.
  • Increase the limit of Status to 255 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • Send Video files of more than 16 MB.
  • Copy any particular text instead of whole messages.
  • Change the App Icon from the settings.
  • Click on Links from the chat screen without saving the sender number.
These were some of the features of this app, you can explore tons of more benefits of using the app after installing and using it personally. But, the features we have listed above are damn awesome and I am sure there is no alternative to this App that provides these features. Let’s come on how to download GBWhatsApp Apk for free and install it on your device.