Looking for a theme to match Chrome new dark mode' Or just something that’s easy on the eyes for late night working? We’ve hand-picked the best dark themes in the Chrome Store.

1. Dark Theme V3

  • BEST FOR: Simple dark mode
  • USERS : 452,168
  • RATING : 4/5
Optimized for 4k resolution, this is a basic, minimal dark theme for Chrome. Note that it doesn’t affect website content. All the navigation controls are easily visible.

  • BEST FOR : An aesthetic look
  • USERS : 99,164
  • RATING : 5/5
Here’s a more elegant dark theme based on abstract blue shapes resembling smoke swirls. It’s easy on the eye and has visible controls, but with branding visible in the bottom left corner, which some users might find obtrusive.

  • BEST FOR : Stark and dark
  • USERS : 2,309,786
  • RATING : 4.5/5
Morpheon Dark is a high-contrast black and white dark theme, minimal and easy to navigate. If you use dark mode for its contrast and clarity, this theme will fit your preferences.

  • BEST FOR : Bold and dark
  • USERS : 1,463
  • RATING : 5/5
A simple dark theme with bold highlights, E4 Dark uses translucent blue to indicate the tab you’re mousing over, with a stronger blue for the selected tab. There’s a large visible logo that some might find distracting.

  • BEST FOR :  Late night working
  • USERS  : 598,818
  • RATING : 4.75/5
This one is less intense. Tabs don’t change color when you mouse over them. The selected tab is colored pale gray, making it easy to ind.

Who doesn’t love a good space theme? Often dark, but with a sense of atmosphere and infinite depth, these are just what you need to give your new tab some perspective.

  • BEST FOR :An extraterrestrial view.
  • USERS : 352,000
  • RATING: 4/5
This theme depicts an atmospheric view of the earth from space, with dark blue and black theme elements.

  • BEST FOR : Dramatic effect
  • USERS : 16,260
  • RATING :4.25/5
This dynamic space theme features theme graphics in the tab and bookmark bars without impeding visibility.

  • BEST FOR :Atmospheric accuracy.
  • USERS : 13,759
  • RATING :4.55/5
With a real telephoto shot of the earth’s moon, this Chrome theme is a good fit for space enthusiasts who prefer their astronomy with less jetpack mixed in. The stars in the background of the main image persist into the control areas and remain visible in tabs.

  • BEST FOR : Dark theme that’s space-y without being intrusive.
  • USERS :328,234
  • RATING : 4.5/5
Dark Space is a space theme that’s understated, minimal, and very dark. The theme visuals continue uninterrupted into the control area, but the theme’s so dark that it doesn’t matter.

  • BEST FOR : Beautiful space view
  • USERS : 50,000
  • RATING : 5/5

Neon Space is a browser extension that is favored by users around the world for a convenient, comfortable and minimal design.

How to install a new theme

If you’re installing a theme from Chrome Web Store, the process is simple.

Go to the Web Store, enter your chosen theme into the search box, and select Themes to remove extensions from your search results. As you’d expect from Google, the search function works pretty well.
You can Add to Chrome direct from search results, or click on a search result and read more before adding it.

How to remove a Chrome theme

You can remove one Chrome theme by adding another, so if you just want to switch themes, there’s no need to remove the one you’re using. That happens automatically when you click Add to Chrome on your new theme.
But if you want to remove a Chrome theme entirely, you can do it without replacing it with another theme by going to Settings in the Chrome menu, then Appearance, and selecting Reset to default: